Presidential Election

The "All Of Me" singer wants people to know how important it is to stay involved in politics, so he shared a deeply personal story about his mom.

'The View' co-host Raven-Symoné is known for her controversial views and outlandish comments.

Bernie Sanders took his campaign platform away from the podium and walked the streets of Sandtown-Winchester, where Freddie Gray grew up.


Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee’s campaign journey has come to an end. Chafee, who served as the former governor of Rhode Island, announced that he will drop out of the race today.


Bernie Sanders sat down with Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore to discuss a number of topics and learned slang to keep up with the kids.

We couldn't help but imagine America with Kanye West in the White House. Check out our reasons why President West may not be a bad idea.

 Hillary Clinton is gearing up to start her lengthy presidential campaign to earn the votes from citizens in the 2016 election, but immediate with supporters also come some doubters. Jada Pinkett Smith is always penning essays on her Facebook to open up conversations about controversial subjects, and her thoughts on Hillary Clinton have become part […]

The lack of competition in the upcoming political race might be the reason behind Hillary Clinton’s latest decision to delay her presidential campaign until this summer. The former Secretary of State has chosen to play it cool and instead of announcing her formal launch in April, will wait until July. The decision comes a few weeks […]