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Track List:01 Eminem – We Made You (Prod. By Dr. Dre)02 Method Man – Mrs International (Feat. Redman)03 Rick Ross – Crack A Bottle Freestyle04 Kanye West – I Poke Her Face (Feat. Common, Kid Cudi. Lady Gaga)05 Lil Wayne – Conglomerate (Remix) (Feat. Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss)06 Jadakiss – New York Minute (Feat. French Montana)07 […]

What were you doing last night!? If you’re anything like us… that "off-time" after work turns into "crunch-time" as you realize you only have a few hours until it’s time to start the next day… And unfortunately, our favorite prime time shows get lost in the shuffle… CATCH UP TODAY!!


I have always believed that if the most discriminated against minority, women, weren’t so brutally held back by men our oceans would be less polluted, our air cleaner, our environment greener, our animals safer and our politics saner.  Maybe that is why I love Lil Kim so much- she is a woman in every sense […]


Dec 28, 2001, I was faced with a decision to make about a major family emergency times two.  At a desperate time, I was left feeling helpless and had no one to turn to. Clientele ‘Ntertainment, a record label I co-owned, was in “the red”, flat broke. Both my elder brothers Ervin Devadis Locke, and […]

2008 has been the year for Chris Brown, snagging the new hottest chick in the game, three American Music Awards including Artist of the Year, two Grammy


Interscope was trying to establish Hamilton as an anti-hero. He was their answer for all the hip-hop fans who reject Soulja Boy’s music. They assumed his online presence was strong enough to compete with that of Soulja Boy and attempted to instigate a fight between the two respective fan bases.

New hot ish from Lil Wayne, this track is bananas!!!!!!!!100 $tax – 100$tax.com is an exclusive brand, an elite lifestyle, a fligh class way of living that will only be experienced by few. I can’t vouch for you if you ain’t apart of this. Do you belong? Will you belong?

Lil Mo’s three year old daughter is so adorable. The R&B singer is rumored to be pregnant with her third child


Check out the new video from Lil Mama – L.I.F.E.Shout-out to my boy AV, who played the abusive boyfriend in the video. He was also in Jay-Z’s ‘Show Me What You Got’ and Kat De Luna’s ‘Wine Up’.