sexual assault

Following the announcement that Brad Pitt and his production company, Plan B Entertainment, acquired rights to produce a movie based on the infamous Steubenville, Ohio rape case, MailOnline is reporting that the teenage victim wants input. The victim, who hasn’t been identified to protect her identity, has never spoken publicly about her ordeal with Steubenville […]

So this happened. A North Carolina man has been arrested for sucking on a woman’s toes at a Wal-Mart. And no, we’re not making this up. The toe-sucking fetish lover, Michael Anthony Brown, was arrested at his home in Concord, NC. Apparently he told the woman that he was a podiatry student, and somehow her […]

Two Maryland teenagers were arrested after it was revealed they tortured a 16-year-old autistic boy, made him perform sex acts on a family pet and videotaped their abuse. Lauren Bush, 17, and a 15-year-old friend held the boy at knife point during the assault. Police say they have not determined a motive behind the abuse. […]

After spending a week in jail, due to the accusations of two women who say he sexually assaulted them, Darren Sharper will have to go another week in the slammer. According to TMZ, the former NFL player was told by a judge yesterday that he has to spend another week in jail while he awaits […]

A 9-month-old baby born in California with the HIV virus may have been cured, U.S. medical researchers said on Wednesday. The baby, who has not been identified, may have been cured as a result of treatments that doctors began just four hours after her birth. The child is still receiving a three-drug cocktail of anti-AIDS treatments and […]

Earlier this week, famed director Woody Allen‘s daughter Dylan Farrow wrote an open letter detailing her sexual assault allegations against her father. Now, the consistently mum Allen is responding to the claims in the New York Times. The 78-year-old denies any abuse and blames his tumultuous relationship with Dylan’s mother, Mia Farrow, for creating a […]

Sorry, smokers. CVS Pharmacy will stop selling tobacco products at its more than 7,600 drugstores in the nation by October. Reason? CVS CEO Larry Merlo says the company decided it can no longer sell cigarettes at places where it also provides health care. The move will cost them $2 billion a year, but they are willing […]

Looks like we’ve learned nothing from the terrible Steubenville, Ohio rape incident. Rape culture rears its ugly head again, playing in real-time over social media after a Georgia Twitter user posted a picture of a girl passed out in her own vomit while announcing that he and his brother were going to rape her. Now […]

The shooting suspect in the November LAX shooting that killed one TSA agent and injured three others pleaded not guilty to 11 federal charges, charges that could bring him the death penalty. The decision on whether the government will seek the ultimate penalty against Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, will take a long time and will ultimately […]

Welcome to 2013, where rape is acceptable and women have nearly zero reproductive rights. OK, that may not be entirely true, but in a society where women are told that being sexually assaulted is their fault and are denied the choice of terminating a pregnancy if a rape results in that, something is clearly wrong. […]

This is sure to spark up another debate about rape and consensual sex. The above photo was taken last weekend during Ohio University’s Homecoming parade. The unidentified man was allegedly giving the woman oral sex while onlookers tweeted and posted videos on Instagram. The woman had no idea what happened until she saw countless photos […]

Rapper Mack Maine (left) is set to be charged with sexual battery and assault after groping one woman on Lil Wayne’s tour bus last week, and subsequently punching another. As TMZ reports: “Maine has been accused of inviting the alleged victims onto Wayne’s tour bus following a concert in OKC last week.  While on the bus, one […]