Jhene Aiko battles with a “Stranger” in her new visually stunning new video. “Stranger” is one of Jhene’s R&B ballads off her new mixtape Sailing Souls. Offering a dizzying spell of head spinning visuals of Jhene traveling through the amazing landscape this world bestows upon us, “Stranger” captures the essence of beauty in nature.  The […]


I was inspired this past weekend to  address the ill treatment of women as the country observes Mother’s Day. What inspired this blog? I was a guest speaker at a conference in Austin on the campus of Huston Tillotson University. Before my workshop, I attended the spiritual seminar in the university chapel. Each speaker represented […]


First off…I’d like to say this is the very first official blog of its kind. The Great Scott McKenzie x Rasheed Young collab blog. Think about it…2 visionaries in the lab, writing lyrics on the same topic but expressing it in different ways. We mind as well be considered the modern day Redman and Method […]