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Top Gun actor Tom Cruise is staying on top of his career, despite his recent divorce from ex-wife Katie Holmes.   DETAILS: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Reach Divorce Settlement! Much to everyone’s surprise, there was little to no drama surrounding the A-Lister’s divorce proceedings. The two reached an agreed upon settlement yesterday – only about two weeks after […]

UPDATE: Radar Online reports, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have reached a divorce settlement, and exclusively reported first, she will have primary custody of their daughter Suri Cruise. Katie will continue to live in New York City with Suri, 6, and has exclusive details about Tom’s visitation rights, and one point that was important to Katie was that nanny and […]

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, or TomKat as we like to call them, are proving to be above the immaturity and slander that seems to come along with celebrity divorce these days! DETAILS: The Real Reason Katie Holmes Is Divorcing Tom Cruise! In a very short statement released by the former heartthrob couple, it was […]

Katie Holmes is putting in work to get these divorce proceedings rolling.  Yesterday the soon to be ex-wife of Tom Cruise was seen departing her lawyer’s office after a 6 hour meeting. That is like a full shift of work! PHOTOS: Settlement Talk Begins But Tom “Is Really Sad About What’s Happening” The actress who found […]

Heartbreak Hotel, party of one. While things are moving at the speed of light with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s divorce, it seems that the Mission Impossible actor is actually rather heartbroken over the split. DETAILS: The REAL Reason Katie Holmes Is Divorcing Tom Cruise! Cruise’s attorney, Burt Fields spoke with BBC News on his […]

The Tom Cruise–Katie Holmes divorce has once again sparked interest amongst the public regarding the Scientology phenomenon. STORY: The REAL Reason Katie Holmes Is Divorcing Tom Cruise! Rumors are circulating that Katie Holmes should worried about her safety because of repercussions that may ensue after ditching the tight-knit Scientology community. STORY: The 411 On Scientology […]

Katie Holmes blames her divorce from soon-to-be ex-husband Tom Cruise on Scientology, but that may very well not be the real reason! DETAILS: Katie Holmes Won’t Get A Penny From Tom In Divorce! According to TMZ, the 33-year-old actress is leaking false stories to the media. The real reason TomKat is getting a divorce is […]

With all the talk of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ divorce after only five years of marriage, the conversation has quickly turned to Scientology as the reason for the Hollywood couple’s split.  STORY: SAY IT AIN’T SO! Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Getting A Divorce According to reports, the huge area of contention in the marriage […]

He didn’t even see it coming. New photos have surfaced of Tom Cruise enjoying life just days before his wife Katie Holmes asked for a divorce. Katie Holmes Won’t Get A Penny From Tom In Divorce!  Cruise is pictured on location for his new movie Oblivion and the superstar actor looked his usual smiley and upbeat self […]

Today is Tom Cruise‘s 50th birthday, but unfortunately, all sights are not set on the movie star’s celebrations. In light of Katie Holmes‘ recent filing for divorce, one thing is in Tom’s favor: an iron-clad prenup the mega couple signed when they got married. DETAILS: Katie Holmes Is Being Followed By Scientology Church The prenup […]

Katie Holmes recently filed for divorce from devoutly religious Tom Cruise, and the proceeding media coverage may have earned her a bit too much attention from the Church of Scientology! Apparently, there was a crew of Scientologists waiting outside of the 33-year-old actress’ hotel and watching her every move yesterday.  DETAILS: The Battle Is On: Tom Cruise […]

The pop culture world was shocked when it was reported that Katie Holmes had sent divorce papers to her husband of six years, Tom Cruise. DETAILS: he Battle Is On: Tom Cruise To File Divorce In California  OK, actually, no one was really that shocked. For years we’ve looked at their relationship and saw something wrong. Whether […]