From their talents to their accomplishments, celebrities are looked upon in a brighter light within our world. Fans and even haters listen to their every word whether they agree with it or not, and Twitter has certainly enhanced this experience. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, who has over 20 million followers, gets cut a nice […]

Tough cookie Olivia Wilde went hiking with some pals at Griffith Park in Los Angeles and took her fluffy puppy along for the exercise. PHOTOS: Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis Take A Lover’s Stroll  Of course the 27-year-old hottie wore black tights and a pink hoodie with matching sneakers to rock out through all the trails.  […]

Miley Cyrus has been dealing with some harsh Twitter haters recently! The 19-year-old singer has received death threats and messages criticizing her fashion sense on Twitter. Miley strongly suggested that Twitter needs to take responsibility and make the social networking website a safe place for users. She tweeted: This past weekend, Miley tweeted someone saying, […]

Willow Smith has been an inspiration for young girls everywhere, especially with the hit song, “Whip My Hair.” The record was about just having fun and going crazy and Willow said the message was for people to learn to be comfortable in their own skin. However, lately it doesn’t seem Willow is so comfortable in […]

After a busy few days in New York for Fashion Week, Angela Simmons finally found some time to relax! The entrepreneur was spotted at one of her favorite hot spots, Miami Beach, rocking a neon headscarf and brown bandeau bikini top. She also sported cat eye sunglasses and a large colorful bag. DETAILS: Angela Simmons Takes […]

Willow Smith has gone picture crazy galore! She and her friends shared Instagram pics and made funny posts about their moments together.  PHOTOS: Willow Shaves Her Head!  From group shots to pet cameos, Willow shared a ton of old memories with her fans. In one shot she says: “I miss my hair! :(“ The pic of […]

Gabrielle Union was added to the TSA watch list yesterday. That’s right. Her weave set off the alarms and Ms. Union was patted down for a major search. A bit harsh, don’t ya think? PHOTOS: Gabrielle Union Rocks Bikini in Miami A heated Gabrielle went on a Twitter bluster and fleshed out her disgruntled sentiments […]

Twitter announced recently that it will have the ability to censor tweets on a country-by-country basis. Back in the day, last year, when Twitter erased a tweet it disappeared throughout the world. STORY: Amber Rose Twitter Account Hacked Now, a tweet containing content breaking a law in one country can be taken down there and still […]

2011 is coming to a close, and it’s that time of year when we all do a lot of reflecting on the year that’s passed. For some of our favorite celebrities, there have been a lot of ups, and some others there have been quite a few downs. PHOTOS: RIP: Celebrities Who Left Us Too […]

When it comes to social media, one platform has dominated the web, creating pop culture norms and real life experiences about following and epic fails. Since the demise of Facebook because of the frequent updates and spam, MySpace emails flooding your inbox from advertisers and beloved spam bots from AOL Chat rooms, social media has always found a […]

Twitter announced today a dramatic makeover of the microblogging site. Set to dramatic after-school themed music, the video above walks users through the new changes so we won’t freak out when signing back into our accounts. STORY: Rihanna’s & Chris Brown’s Hidden Twitter History The redesign will unify the look and feel of Twitter, whether you’re […]

Yesterday, Chris Brown took to his Twitter to respond to his haters, and he really went in! Even the usually quiet Cassie recently went on a Twitter rant about people who are faking her and her friend Lauren London’s identity. It’s no wonder our eyes stay glued to our timelines! STORY: Ashton Kutcher Tweets No […]