Back when he only held the title of Senator, Barack Obama had already taken a firm stance on the complex drug and minority incarceration problem in America. DETAILS: End The War On Drug During a January 2004 debate at Northwestern University, he said this: “The war on drugs has been an utter failure. We need […]

Editor’s Note: To join our campaign to #EndTheWarOnDrugs, click HERE For forty two years, we have waged war against our own people, that we have disguised as the “War on Drugs.” Forty two years of failure that has cost the American taxpayers $1 trillion dollars, resulted in 45 million drug arrests, and overfilled America’s prisons […]

Brad Pitt has had enough. PHOTOS: The War On Drugs IS The New Slavery? Uncle Rush Weighs In… The actor and executive producer of the documentary “The House I Live In” says U.S. drug policy needs a radical rethink. In a letter he released, Bradd explained how the systematic “war” on drugs is now a “war” […]

Despite our 40-year “war on drugs” and people like Nancy Reagan imploring us to “Just Say No,” we are a society swimming in drugs – coffee, antidepressants, painkillers, energy drinks, alcohol and sleeping pills, not to mention illegal drugs. Despite our elected officials calling for a “drug free society,” the vast majority of people use […]

“If you can’t control drug use in a maximum security prison, how could you control drugs in a free society?” That question, posed by former New York prisoner Tony Papa in Breaking the Taboo, a new film about the global drug war, hit me like a ton of bricks. His simple question captured what I believe […]

A new documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, The House I Live In pinpoints five essential aspects of the prison industrial complex as it revolves around America’s 40 year failed War on Drugs. After 40 years, $1 trillion dollars spent and 45 million arrests, the War on Drugs has nothing to show, other than a corrupt […]

What if I told you that the United States has spent $1 trillion over a 40-year period destroying 45 million families? What would you do? That’s the question acclaimed filmmaker Eugene Jarecki struggles with in his latest documentary The House I Live In, which takes a closer look at the 40-year War on Drugs and […]

It’s been a while since I have ranted here on GlobalGrind. Partly because I was extremely busy since returning to school to get my degree in Broadcast Journalism, and partly for being so completely repelled by the status quo of news, politics, and humanity. FOX really sucks. It’s all a bunch of talking heads yapping […]

It’s not always a good thing to set a new record. Take the case of a Nigerian woman who customs officials at Dulles International Airport say was busted with a belly full of heroin pellets. STORY: What In The?!? “Amazing Race” Producer Died From Cocaine In His Stomach? Authorities say 52-year-old Bola Adebisi set an […]

Some not very Christian behavior took place on the campus of Texas Christian University recently, as a drug bust on Wednesday morning led to the arrest of 17 current students. STORY: All White Bricks! The Biggest Drug Busts Ever! In a six-month long investigation, police found that students sold drugs to undercover narcotics officers both […]

Saigon hopped on board with the “No More Drug War” campaign and dropped the song “Drugs.” The commemorative track comes to us on the 40th Anniversary of Richard Nixon’s declaration of war on drugs. The lyrics express a disagreement with the policy and its backfire on the Black/Hispanic communities. “The war on drugs is really […]

Anna Chapman, the Russian spy who made headlines, is back and this time is gracing the cover of Maxim magazine, the Russian edition. Anna was once a Russian spy and now has turned into a sexy model.  The sexy red-headed Russian Anna Chapman, who was booted out of the U.S. for espionage, has stripped down to […]