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Behind every good man is a great woman but behind every American mogul stands many great women. The upcoming docu-series ‘Running Russell Simmons‘ series offers an exclusive peek at the life of Russell Simmons — entrepreneur, entertainment and fashion icon, philanthropist and yogi –and the powerful team who help to keep the machine running. Simmons’ […]

GlobalGrind has just learned that L.A Reid has been removed from the Def Jam building and has been denied entry into his office. Currently the VP’s of the iconic music level are sitting in an emergency meeting to further outline the restructure of Def Jam Records.  However, the rep for the label is saying that […]

Rihanna and Katy Perry were spotted on Saturday, at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. The two good friends attended the KA stage show performed by Cirque du Soleil and were pictured with some of the cast members after the show. Katy Perry is photographed out one night after fiance, Russell Brand, was arrested […]


Dear Senator Feinstein and Senator Hatch,  Societies are judged on how they treat their elderly, their sick and their children.  For far too long we have failed all three.  The two of you have the opportunity and the responsibility to take a step in changing this course by passing the Youth PROMISE Act.  I write […]

A mini bus plastered with the “Running Russell Simmons” sign, complete with the best and most beautiful women behind his empire, pulled up a couple blocks short of midtown’s busy Rockefeller street corner, to pick up fashion week worthy studs and stylistas. Right before the bus was about to take off Russell himself entered the […]

Russell Simmons was honored in his home town of Hollis on September 11th 2010. The hip hop mogul was one of the many home town heroes from Queens, NY to be honored on the Hollis Hip Hop Walk Of Fame. This amazing honor was inspired by Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for the many people who […]

    Hollis Day Launches the Hollis Walk of Fame (Russell Simmons Gets a Star) By: Capri Pillow                On 9/11/10 which is usually a day of somber, there was a celebration in Hollis Queens. It was the launch of the Hollis Walk of Fame and the annual Hollis […]


Dear Distinguished Members Of The United States Senate, As you return to Washington, DC for the last session of the year, I write this letter in support of 80% of the American public who urge you to do what you have promised since 2008 and that is to repeal the broken law that we call […]


Today, I am filing my first lawsuit ever.  Below is the press release: RUSSELL SIMMON FILES FRAUD AND BREACH OF CONTRACT COMPLAINT AGAINST LI & FUNG, USA Suit Seeks Court Ruling to Require Li & Fung USA to Pay Damages in Excess of $55 Million New York, New York, September 9, 2010 – Russell Simmons […]


I have watched Cheyenne sing for years and have always believed in her talent.  Everyone thinks she is just a model, but I know she is going to be a big star in the music world.  This song blew me away and I wanted to share it with you all.  Enjoy Cheyenne Tozzi’s new song. […]


Is there anything this teenage dream can’t wear? Sporting a tight ice cream cone filled latex dress, Katy Perry stunned fans as she performed at the Postbahnhof Arena in Berlin, Germany last night. It doesn’t stop there. Perry matched her ice cream cones with striped peep-toe Chanel wedge boots and a Gummy Bears knuckle duster. […]

TI and Tiny were arrested last night, as most of you know by now. When I got the news early this morning around 4am my heart dropped. TI is the reason I am sitting behind this desk with one of the sickest views of the New York City around. When I first started I faced […]