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In explosive allegations, New York Daily News Op-Ed writer Harry Siegel may have blown the lid off something that many Occupy Wall Street demonstrators long suspected: that the NYPD has been using underhanded tactics to disrupt and divide the peaceful movement at Zuccotti Park.


Siegel reported yesterday that NYPD law enforcement has been sabotaging the Occupy movement by sending vagrants, drunks, drug dealers and other criminals down to Zuccotti Park to create a divide and break the protesters into two factions. Siegel claims that NYPD officers are telling various troublemakers around the city to “Take it to Zuccotti.”

STORY: NYPD Po-Po Deny Sending Drunks And Criminals To Occupy Wall Street

This latest tactic has seemingly worked. In the last couple of weeks there has been a darker, gloomier vibe at Zuccotti Park.

The park and its residents has split in two. On one side there are the demonstrators who have been there since day one, who hold their General Assembly every night and are tirelessly fighting to take the corruption out of Wall Street. The other side of the park is housed with the aforementioned bad seeds of the movement, who have taken advantage of the free, food, clothing and tents.

By all accounts, the NYPD has denied any tampering with the movement. But are we surprised that the NYPD would do something dirty to benefit themselves?

In our GlobalGrind poll on this subject, over 95 percent of people feel the NYPD are up to sneaky tricks.

In the last month alone, the NYPD has been under fire for their “Stop and Frisk” practices, as well as accusations of planting drugs on suspects and racism.

In recent cases, NYPD officers were charged with planting evidence on suspects, while another was charged with violating the civil-rights of a Black man.

NYPD detective Stephen Anderson blew the whistle on his officers, saying that he and many of his NYPD brothers planted drugs on innocent people as a quick and easy way to boost arrest numbers.

Adding to that revelation, another NYPD officer named Michael Daragjati, is facing federal time for violating the civil-rights of a Black man from Staten Island who he falsely arrested.

Daragjati purposely arrested a Black man, then told an associate, “Another n*gger fried, no big deal.” All the while the F.B.I had his phones and text messages on surveillance.

The NYPD needs to clean up its act fast.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly need to get on their job and investigate whether or not their officers are sending unsavory characters down to disrupt Occupy Wall Street.

We need to be able to trust both our lawmakers and the individuals who put those laws into effect. Although there has long been a tension-filled relationship between ordinary citizens and law enforcement, there is always the opportunity for change. And change can begin again, right here in New York City.

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