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Mariah Yeater is getting the most out of her fifteen minutes of fame.

The 20-year-old woman from California who is claiming to have had Justin Bieber‘s baby, four-month old Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, is showing off her baby in hopes of proving that it looks just like The Biebs.

Justin has been denying the rumors left and right but has reportedly been summoned to attend a paternity test at Los Angeles Superior Court ten days before Christmas.

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Mariah claims to have had sex with Justin last October after a concert in Los Angeles and she says there is no denying the resemblance between Justin and her baby.

PHOTO: Mariah Yeater’s Mugshot

Mariah was snapped by photographers cradling the baby in a Los Angeles park this weekend. She told the Daily Star Sunday:

“Look, just look at his mouth! Look familiar? I pray that Justin sees theses photos, looks at Tristyn and knows in his heart that this is his child and our child. It’s going to be a nightmare for all of us if he keeps denying it. I just want what is right for our son I feel terribly hurt that we have been abandoned and none of my calls to Justin were returned.”

Do you see the resemblance between Tristyn and The Biebs?