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Recently singer Lloyd who used to be signed with Murder Inc. did a record with G- Units Lloyd Banks. I know you are all probably wondering why I’m bringing this up but if you remember Ja Rule the man G- Units 50 Cent finished was also on Murder Inc. Now that Lloyd is on Young Money after getting dropped by Irv Gotti the ATL singer decided to do a record with Lloyd Banks titled ‘Any Girl’ & it was released two days ago.

The song originally had Lloyd Banks on it alone doing the chorus & verses. Lloyd Banks decided to get Lloyd on it to do the same hook he wrote for it but just to add a more R&B feel to it. This makes me wonder if Lloyd Banks did this on purpose to piss off certain people. Today there is a video that was released of them two in the studio working on the ‘Any Girl’ song.

In the middle of the video Lloyd the singer says ‘I wish all the haters were here to see this’. Who do you think Lloyd was talking about. My guess is Irv but leave comments & tell me how you feel about the words given from Lloyd. Check out the video on the next page.




Lloyd Banks Ft Lloyd Any Girl

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