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Beyonce and Jay-Z

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

Living in today’s society you can’t help but be a little ‘obsessed’ with which celebs are ‘hooking up’ with who. I must say I find it a little interesting to dabble in a little gossip here and there, but when it comes to celeb’s love lives it differs from Robert and Lisa that you see on the street.
Yes, celebrities have the right to love and happiness just as much as all of us, but can the limelight and constant media attention be bad for these relationships? Famous people have it alot harder with balancing their career, family, and love life while also watching their back for ‘snakes in the grass’.
There are examples of relationships that have seemed to conquer the stress of ‘celebrity status’ Such as Jay-Z and Beyonce (photo above) and Mariah and Nick. But there are many other examples of Hip Hop relationships that just didn’t seem to work out.
Here are some pics of couples that we loved to see together but are no longer together…

Lil Wayne & Nivea



Nas and Kelis





Nelly and Ashanti





Rihanna and Chris Brown





The Dream and Christina Milian






Usher and Chilli




Usher and Tameka Foster-Raymond






Kanye West and Amber Rose



I’m still upset about this one… *sigh*

Dre (From Cool and Dre) and Christina Milian
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