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Lately the new ‘it’ thing to do in fashion is to have a line pushed and backed by the most influential celebrity in a certain market. So here in the fashion department at GG, we complied a list of the Most Anticipated Lines to come from our favorite stars. Some of these celebrities are already lending their style and expertise to lines and others we think would be very successful if executed properly!

#10 Diddy and Enyce

Back in 2008, Diddy bought Enyce form Liz Claiborne for $20 million dollars. If anybody can bring life back into anything, we all know Diddy can. He can relaunch, re-market, and reposition this hip hop staple brand and catapult it back into fashion heavens.


#9 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The power couple is always at the tip of our tongues for their humanitarian work, amazing acting abilities, or what we perceive to be a tricky relationship. But how often do we discuss their fashion sense and the undeniable affect they have on consumer purchases? Back in 2009, Angelina showed up to a premiere wearing a leather tub dress by Michael Kors. Within a day of the dress being identified as Michael Kors, it was sold out. It was then placed on back order and sold out again. So with that being said, it was no surprise that the two teamed up to make jewelry. The launch of their line ‘The Protector’ for Asprey sold to record chopping numbers for the once struggling brand. So after the huge success that was gained with their first collection, we all await with abated breath.


#8 T.I.

Before his stint in jail, T.I. seemed to be on top of the world. With #1 singles, his girlfriend, Tiny, rightfully by his side and a launch of his new clothing line Akoo, the self proclaimed ‘King of the South’ has clearly been a force to reckon with. He has success in the rap world but can he shift his success and the golden touch to his clothing line? With drama looming from controversial billboards and speculation of impending nuptials, it will be quite interesting to see how the King manages all the balls he has in the air!


#7 Alexa Chung

In 2009, Vogue named this British personality the Most Stylish Woman in America. Unfortunately she didn’t have as much luck with her TV variety show. It was canceled mid-season on MTV due to lack luster ratings, but with a backing from Vogue, who needs MTV to make a clothing line a success? There have been no words on if Alexa will venture into the world of fashion, but I’m praying to my fairy fashion mothers to see that she does!


#6 Jay-Z

Now whenever you think Jay-Z and fashion you innately think Roc-A-Wear, but he is also owner of Ar