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You can’t truly make comments about a situation unless you’ve actually been in the situation yourself. My mother was a victim of domestic abuse that led to her death. While I can’t get too personal about it, not only did it effect my family but it effected my friends, my future, and my outlook on life.

Domestic violence is serious!!  There are many forms of domestic violence. Some include physical, psychological, sexual and/or social. And there are many outcomes of that same violence which include mild, moderate, severe and homicide.

There is absolutely NO excuse for domestic violence. Jay Z is right…what if it were your mother, sister or friend? Better yet…What if the incident were fatal??

Not a day goes by that I wish my kids actaully knew their Grandmother instead of them asking me ‘Why were you standing on that patch of grass talking to the air on Mothers Day?’

The true question is, how do we stop it or how can we help those who feel they can’t help themselves??

Check out (National Domestic Violence Hotline) or call 1.800.799.SAFE

I hope this blog promotes thought to my readers, not sympathy.

In memory of Raine C. Harper.
Peace & Blessings.

-Rasheed A. Young


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