The Daily Grind Video

Young Jeezy released a track titled ‘All White Everything’ in the beginning of the summer and claimed it was going to be the summer hit off his TM 103 album coming out soon. The track features his cocaine partner Yo Gotti who assists him in the song talking that all white. If you heard the song before, then you should already have a visual in your mind on what this video might be like.

It’s looking like a Diddy Hamptons all white party in this video. It literally looks like if you came to the set with no white on you were not going to be in this video. All the cars are white, Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti are dressed in white, the women are different races but are wearing all white, the back drop is white and most of all the jewelry is white.

I’m not sure if this song is a strong enough follow up from ‘Lose My Mind’ but the video is dope! Take a look at the video & leave comments.