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Faux leather, pleather, call it what you may, the most “in” name for the trend that’s sweeping the style blogs is vegan leather, because everyone wants to feel like they’re doing something good while looking good, right? Right.

The marketing buzzword is used for faux leather products made from synthetic materials like polyurethane and PVC, and while some items marketed with the name aren’t always completely-free of animal leather powders (which actually makes them non-vegan) vegan leather can also be made from materials like kelp or seaweed. 

Now for the perks: Aside from it being a nicely priced alternative to real leather, pleather, as it was once exclusively known, is your answer to a rainy day outfit, as it is waterproof, good for traveling and hard to wrinkle. The fabric itself allows for leeway when it comes to design (hence the new leather designs we’ve been seeing lately) as it’s pretty darn hard to manipulate the color and texture of the hide of a cow.

Need a full breakdown of what is considered absolute vegan leather? Check out this list. Looking to clad your legs in a little leather goodness without the guilt? Shop the skirts in the photo above with one click below.