#DoItForTheVine or nah?

Well, if you’re considering doing any of the 14 things we’ve listed down below, your answer should be a big fat “NAH!”

Not just any kind of “nah,” but a Chief Keef kind of “nah.”


Today marks the one-year anniversary of the video-sharing company Vine.

Although it’s only been a mere 365 days since its inception, it seems like Vine has been around forever. And despite their brush with social media death (due to Instagram videos), Vine survived and took video-sharing to a new obnoxious level.

In honor of Vine’s anniversary, we rounded up 14 things people should STOP doing “for the vine.” Since it’s a new year, let’s put on our thinking caps, retire the following things below, and #DoSomethingNEWForTheVine.

1. #TwerkingForTheVine

2. #ChildrenTwerkingForTheVine

3. #ChildrenCursingForTheVine

4. #SmackCam  

5. #LightingYourselfOnFireForTheVine

6. #FailsForTheVine

7. #FartingForTheVine

8. #ScareCam

9. #WreckingBallForTheVine

10. #DumbShitForTheVine

11. #DangerousShitForTheVine. Which Leads Us To This PSA….


12. #IllegalShitForTheVine 

13. #VineAfterDark (Sorry We Can’t Post A Vine For You…They’re All Too Freaky) 


14. #OhhKillEm (We love you Terrio, but we’ve had enough) 

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