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The proof is in the pudding – Justin Bieber gives ZERO f*cks.

The 19-year-old superstar has been in the press a lot lately and most of it is because he was arrested for allegedly drag-racing while under the influence in Miami.

Now, according to TMZ, the Biebs smoked out his private jet (even though he knew U.S Customs would search it) while on his way to New Jersey for Super Bowl parties with some friends.

The site reports:

TMZ has confirmed …. the pilot radioed in the air Justin and his gang were smoking weed on the plane and the flight attendant couldn’t get them to stop.  The pilot complained the smoke in the cabin was thick.  NBC News says the pilot actually had to don a gas mask because it was so bad. Now here’s what’s incredible … TMZ has previously reported Justin is on a Homeland Security watch list because of 2 pending criminal cases.

According to the site, Justin was informed by his people that he’d be searched in New Jersey.

Still, TMZ reports:

We’re also told Bieber and his buds were abusive to the flight attendant because she ordered them to stop smoking … in vain. And to add icing to the cake … Bieber’s father was on the plane. By the time the plane landed the weed was gone, but drug-sniffing dogs detected trace amounts.  One person who was on the plane 3 hours after it landed says it continued to reek of marijuana.

Hey dude, even Beliebers believe you need to lay low for a while. Check out the photo up top…According to JB, he was enjoying a “classy night” with wine and “painting.”

He also took some time to hang with the kings: Rozay, Diddy, Wale and Jermaine.


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