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It’s only March and Justin Bieber is already having quite the year. Between the strippers, the DUI, moving to the ATL, and recently finding a random Asian woman sleeping in his bed, the boy must be stressing.

Yesterday, Bieber had to deal with a four and a half hour deposition in Miami due to a lawsuit filed by a photog who claimed Bieber sent one of his bodyguards to attack him and steal his camera memory card back in June. But things started to take a left-turn when the pap’s lawyer started asking more personal questions about the Biebs.

TMZ reports:

The lawyer started asking if Selena was present during any incident involving fights with photogs.  Bieber’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, felt the lawyer was just trying to get a rise so he objected.  But the lawyer persisted and asked again … Bieber was fuming and Weitzman jumped in and said his client was being harassed.

At that point, Bieber reportedly stormed out, yelling:

“Don’t ask me about her! Do not ask me about her!”

But he returned five minutes later, only to get grilled some more by the lawyer. The site reports:

“At one point Bieber responded to a question with the word “Yeah.”  The lawyer said, “Do you mean yes?”  To that Bieber responded, “What the f*** is the difference between yeah and yes?!”

A short time later Bieber fired back, “What is this, “60 Minutes?”  At another point he responded to a question by saying to the lawyer, “OK Katie Couric, what’s your question again?”

Sassy! The lawyer went on to show him a variety of TMZ posts about the pop singer, to which Bieber claimed the lawyer must have an obsession with him.

Someone is a little sensitive about Selena…


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