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The San Antonio Spurs dominated the Miami Heat in the Finals and earned their fifth NBA title. Tim Duncan told reporters that the win was his all time favorite out of the previous playoff games he’s won. “It is sweeter than any other,” he said. “Whether it be because of the time frame, because I’m coming towards the end of my career, because I can have these two (his children) here and really remember it and enjoy the experience, all of those things make it that much more special.” Aw! Read about it here…[My San Antonio

Justin Bieber isn’t off the hook from his egg tossing case just yet. The D.A. has decided to charge Bieber with criminal vandalism on Monday. Photos and video surveillance footage show Bieber leading the attack on his neighbor’s home that resulted in $20,000 worth of damages. Watch it here… [TMZ]

After claims of the massacre of thousands of soldiers and pedestrians in Iraq by the Islamic militant group ISIS, government officials are pushing to evacuate the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. While there isn’t any proof of the large massacre, photos have circulated online from ISIS’ website of dead bodies stacked in Tikrit. There were also videos of ISIS members mocking their victims. Read about it here…[NY Times]

In a series of unfortunate events, a father was killed by his daughter after he tried to stop her from drunk driving. Soukvilay Barton, 37, was arrested after hitting her father as she backed out of her driveway. Bounmy Rajsombath was pronounced dead at a Riverside, Calif. hospital. Read about it here…[Huff Post