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Fifth time’s the charm. Disney announced yesterday they will be releasing a fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp will reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow and Jerry Bruckheimer will produce it.

The next film will debut July 17, 2017. 7/17/17? We see what you did there, Disney.

She could have had it all, and she did. Adele‘s one-year-old son just cashed out big in a major lawsuit. In a 5-figure settlement, Adele sued a British photo agency for invading her son’s privacy by capturing what she calls his “milestone moments,” according to TMZ. We wonder if she’ll use this drama as inspiration for her new album.

Finally, after Paul Walker‘s untimely death, filming for Fast and Furious 7 is complete, and it was emotional for everyone.

Dwayne Johnson told the Press Association, “I feel like this version of the Fast And Furious movie is going to be very special. It’s going to be emotional and I think audiences are going to appreciate it.”

Be sure to catch the flick, complete with the help of Walker’s brothers, in April.

Don’t call it a comeback!

Jessica Biel will make her return to TV as a guest star on Fox’s New Girl. She’ll be Zooey Deschanel‘s competition as they butt heads over a cute guy (duh). Justin Timberlake‘s wifey hasn’t been on the small screen since her breakout role in 7th Heaven, which ended in 2006.

SOURCE: TMZ, Yahoo UK News | PHOTO CREDIT: Disney, John Stillwell/PA Wire, WENN, Getty

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