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Following an argument on Wednesday, Andrew Michaelis of Fayetteville, N.C., sprayed his father-in-law’s home with bullets from two 30-round magazines, killing two people.

His wife, Valerie Michaelis, 41, called 911 for help and explained that her husband was holding her at gunpoint following the argument.

According to authorities, there were seven people in the home when Andrew Michaelis drove by in his truck and discharged a 30-round magazine from an assault rifle. He killed his wife’s father, 61-year-old Gary Simpson, and Simpson’s 10-year-old grandson, Trekwan Covington. The Michaelis’ son Ryan, 13, was also inside the house at the time of the shooting.

Michaelis drove away and returned a second and third time to fire shots at the house from inside the truck. Deputies arrived and one who entered the home was hit in the chest, back, and shoulder.

Cumberland County Sheriff Earl Butler said:

“He just went wild. I mean, shooting at random. He just turned it loose, that automatic. He unloaded it every time I think he pulled up there, in front of the victims’ house.”

Other deputies pursued Andrew Michaelis into a wooded area behind the neighborhood and onto a residential street. He continued firing at deputies, who returned fire, Butler said.

Michaelis died at the scene, but it is unclear if he was killed by deputies or if he took his own life. Authorities found another 50 to 60 rounds in his truck.

“So this man was prepared to take some lives this morning,” Butler said.

The deputy shot while in the house is in stable condition. A second deputy suffered a grazing wound to his head, and a third suffered minor bruising after a bullet struck her duty belt, which prevented the bullet from entering her body. Another deputy escaped serious injury when a bullet penetrated his uniform.

SOURCE: HuffingtonPost | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty