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How disturbing is this? A California Highway Patrol officer confessed that he’d stolen photos during a DUI arrest and has been playing an explicit “game,” in which he and several of his coworkers would exchange nude photos of women they’d arrested. 35-year-old Sean Harrington admitted to stealing nude photos over the course of 5 years. The affidavit said that his behavior results in a felony computer theft. [Gawker]

A man by the name of Kenneth Byrd defended his family in his North Carolina home Monday night when intruders attempted to rape his granddaughter. Three armed men appeared at his home, demanded money, and attempted to rape his 19-year-old granddaughter just before he fired at them. The three men left in Byrd’s Cadillac and drove to a hospital in South Carolina. One of the burglars was pronounced dead at arrival due to the gunshot wounds. The other two accomplices were arrested and their bond was set at $1 million each. [People]

Nurse Kaci Hickox describes the poor management by airport staff upon her arrival, as well as the panic that quickly happened when she was quarantined during an Ebola scare. The nurse was returning from Africa after working with Doctors Without Borders and was quarantined when she arrived to the states but tested negative for Ebola. She says “the U.S. must treat returning health care workers with dignity and humanity.” [Gawker]

Stephen Collins ex-wife Faye Grant is airing out comments Collins has made about not being able to find work due to the molestation scandal in the recent weeks. Grant’s lawyer provided a statement saying “If Mr. Collins is not able to obtain work, it has nothing to do with the tape that was turned over to the police two years ago by Ms. Grant. The tape has nothing to do with Mr. Collins’ plight.  It is Mr. Collins’ horrific conduct and actions that have caused him damage.” [Gossip Cop]


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