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Amanda Bynes has been released after what was almost a three-week involuntary psychiatric hold. The starlet was seen roaming the streets of L.A. and reportedly looking for a place to stay.

Though she was supposed to be held for 30 days, the troubled starlet reportedly went before a judge, pled her case clearly, and the judge ruled that she no longer posed a threat. According to TMZ

“Sources familiar with Amanda’s treatment [say] she went before a hearing officer at the psychiatric facility Thursday, asking to be released. Amanda has been on her meds and sounds lucid, even though doctor’s say she is seriously mentally ill.

The hearing officer felt Amanda was stable enough so she could NOT be held involuntarily, so he ended the 30-day hold that had been granted last week and Amanda walked out the front door.”

Amanda’s mother, Lynn Bynes, who has been active in getting her daughter healthy, feels differently about her mental state. She was granted conservatorship over the 28-year-old’s estate while she remains under treatment. TMZ first reported that:

Lynn Bynes cited the former Nickelodeon star’s recent DUI arrest in California and erratic public behavior in New York as she argued that Bynes poses a “substantial risk” to herself and others.

After her release, the Hairspray actress took herself out to dinner, where she ordered some salads, fried chicken, salmon, and guacamole. Though she was articulate enough to plead her case, observers who saw her at dinner say she was talking to herself.

She’s also hopped right back on Twitter and it doesn’t seem like much has changed, as far as her mental state goes:

Once again, the former Nickelodeon star accused her dad of being a sexual predator, revealing that she cannot be in the same room with him. But that wasn’t all:

We sure hope Amanda gets better.

SOURCE: TMZ, Radar Online, Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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