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A U.S. Marine has been charged in regional court for the murder of a Filipino transgender woman. The incident happened in October after Marine Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton and his friends met a group of women at a bar in the Philippines. Officials are considering the murder a hate crime. The marine claimed he killed Laude after finding out she was born male. [AP

Former Vice President Dick Cheney admitted he has no regrets about the torture tactics performed during George W. Bush’s presidency. During Sunday’s Meet The Press, Cheney claimed the rectal feeding performed on five of the 119 detainees was done for medical reasons. He also didn’t seem to care that 26 of the 119 were wrongfully held, including two CIA operatives and a disabled man. “I’m more concerned with the bad guys that were released than the few that were, in fact, innocent,” he said. Read more here… [National Journal

Officials in Texas are looking into an incident involving a 23-year-old officer using a stun gun on a 76-year-old man for no apparent reason. The incident happened Thursday, when Nathaniel Robinson pulled over Pete Vasquez for an expired inspection tag. After Vasquez tried to explain to him that the vehicle was exempt, the officer can be seen trying to snatch a piece of paper from the elderly man. After little success, the officer assaulted Vasquez by tackling him to the ground and using his stun gun twice. As it turns out, the vehicle was indeed exempt. Robinson has been placed on paid administrative leave. [Huff Post


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