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Jennifer Lopez is all over the newsstand as of late, but she’s sharing the spotlight on Latina magazine.

She and Ryan Guzman star on screen in The Boy Next Door in January 2015, but first they’re sizzling on the cover with a steamy up-close-and-personal shot.

The film tells the story of an older woman who falls for a younger guy, and of course, drama ensues.

J.Lo talked to the mag about her character, saying:

“Claire is absolutely a character that you’re rooting for. She’s strong and she’s capable and she’s likeable. And she embraces this boy who moves in next door who, as a friend of her son’s, is in need of a family. He’s gone through some hard times. She’s a relatable mom in a troubled marriage, but she’s also lonely and feeling vulnerable. And she enjoys the attention that Noah gives her. I don’t think she ever thinks that it would go the way it goes; that it would turn into a toxic relationship. She’s just a sweet person who made a bad decision that she’s trying to keep from ruining her life.”

See more when the issue hits stands January 6.


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