Not everyone was a fan of the #BlackBrunch Protests  a nationwide demonstration carried out by activists from New York to Oakland to condemn state violence — that interrupted business as usual over the weekend.

In fact, at least one former NYPD officer let his followers on social media know how he really felt when he posted a photo toting a gun on Twitter.

The holidays and subsequent brunches didn’t stop protesters’ efforts from speaking out on racial injustices, as people from coast to coast participated in #BlackBrunch (or #BlackBrunchNYC). Protesters entered swanky brunch spots to honor the lives of victims of police brutality, proving their efforts won’t be slowed down or ignored.

An estimated 40 activists and protesters entered Manhattan brunch spots like Lallisse, Maialino, and Pershing Square, chanting “Black Lives Matter,” and encouraging patrons to participate.

Of course, some weren’t as thrilled about the protesters interrupting their brunch.

John Cardillo, former NYPD police officer and writer for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, decided to troll protesters with his own alleged experimental Twitter post:

We haven’t seen the Florida native’s result yet, but we’re sure it will be another long pointless post like his op-ed on Eric Garner.

Which…we can obviously do without.

SOURCE: Raw Story | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter 

Thousands Protest During #MillionsMarchNYC Against Police Brutality
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