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Japan Reacts To U.S. Presidential Election

Source: The Asahi Shimbun / Getty

It’s safe to say that no one really knows what’s happening in America after Donald Trump‘s shocking victory over Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election.

Many rallies and protests have broken out since Wednesday’s results, proving that country-wide disdain for Trump’s win is not a race thing, or an age thing––it’s a people thing. One guy perfectly described how most Clinton supporters feel following her loss.

After a CNN news reporter stated that Donald Trump won the election fair and square, the protester said, “How did he win fair and square? Hillary had more votes. More human beings voted for Hillary. This isn’t fair, we didn’t get one vote.”

He continued on, telling the Black reporter, “You didn’t get a vote. This is just like back in the day, when your vote was 1/3. Just count the votes. This is ridiculous!” The passionate gentleman then discussed the electoral college and how much he believed in Hillary.

Do you agree with him? Check out the video above.

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