Cardi B


Cardi B literally did it all in 2018.

Another number one single? Check.

A number one album? Check.

Stellar performances? Check.

The woman couldn’t be stopped…despite a minor hiccup involving flying shoes.

She even ended the year with a bang, thanks to her epic “Money” music video.

The Bronx spitter continues to have us shook.


Nicki Minaj and the Barbz

2017 Harper's Bazaar Icons

Source: Michael Stewart / Getty

Nicki made it hard to root for her in 2018.

The M.C. definitely built a great career in the rap game, but in 2018 she really showed her a$$ in some very public scuffles.

Whether it be her back and forth with Safaree (her ex) or her shots at Travis Scott and his family, Nicki definitely wasn’t low on the controversy. All the hoopla distracted from a new album that might’ve been good to some, but felt overshadowed by all the drama.

Even if some of Nicki’s comments had merit, her over-the-top Barbz fans didn’t help the situation when they attacked any online sheep who was even a tiny bit critical of their rap queen. Nicki and the Barbz brutal attack of a writer on Twitter serves as one example of the Pink kingdom going too far.

There’s a thin line between getting a point across and bullying, and it seems Nicki struggled with the difference in 2018.

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