Mental health awareness

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Revealing that you have mental health issues or that you’re living with a mental illness can be extremely scary.

But luckily, 2018 was full of brave souls disclosing their journey with mental health. Mariah Carey detailed her experience with bipolar disorder. Michelle Williams was transparent about her struggles with depression.

Then, with shows like Red Table Talk, people like Kid Cudi and August Alsina talked about their mental health journey in a safe and understanding space.

There’s still a long way to go when it comes to mental health discussions, but 2018 was off to a great start.


Kanye West 


This brings us to Kanye.


Ye also came out as someone living with bipolar disorder. However, this doesn’t excuse the loads of BS he dumped on us in 2018.

From saying slavery was a choice to being all buddy-buddy with Trump, Yeezy found himself delving deeper and deeper into a new kind of sunken space.

Ye tried to excuse his actions by promoting “free thought” and “the power of love.

But what’s the point of loving someone if you can’t call them out on their extremely harmful policies, ideas, and full-fledged actions. Kanye rarely did this with people like Trump, even though he claimed he “loves him.”

Add to this a mediocre album release and you’ve got Yeezy taking many L’s in 2018.

Let’s hope 2019 will be brighter for the Chi-town spitter.

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