Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

Source: Mike Ehrmann / Getty

The city of brotherly love was full of wins this year. They started off 2018 with an Eagles Super Bowl win that had the city going wild.

Then Meek Mill was released from prison in April after a bogus sentencing and he became an advocate for criminal justice reform.

Add in a celebrated album from Meek with fire guest appearances, and you have a city taking big wins for 2018.


White people that can’t mind their business

Alternative Right White Nationalist In Town For Conference

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

For 2019, we need nosy, neighborhood watch-wannabe White people to follow one golden rule…


Especially if it involves Black people who are already MINDING THEIR BUSINESS.

From BBQ Becky to Permit Patty, the world was exposed to White people who couldn’t stand to see Black people living their lives.

For future reference, if a Black person is sitting in an empty room just breathing air…

Mind your business.

If Black people are at a park, laughing, kiking and having a grand time…

Mind your business.

We the Black delegation would greatly appreciate it.

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