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It is said that the 11:11 Gateway is the most powerful manifestation portal. Today, Nov. 11, is the best time to prepare for a huge life shift as you accelerate to a higher level of consciousness. More people are leaning on the universe and their specific astrological placements for guidance these days, and it is not an unusual idea. Humans have called upon the calendar and the constellation since the Babylonians created the 12 horoscopes ages ago. In conjunction with astrology, Greek philosopher Pythagoras has been credited as the Western founder of numerology, which is how people study the significance of numbers.

Beyond Greek philosophers, Egyptians have been studying the importance of life path numbers and the key to understanding one’s life purpose, innate tendencies and talents with numerology. Mathematicians, philosophers and historians agree that numbers have great predictive power but the way numerologists suggest numbers work brings about great mysticism and skepticism from critics who simply don’t believe.

One may be skeptical of whether reoccurring numbers are significant to manifesting your reality, but at this rate what is the harm in trying to speak life into your existing reality? Americans witnessed the power of manifestation when channeling the collective energy to elect a New Democratic president. The same can be said about manifesting a new job or relationship in your life.

There are a few expectations you should have for this awakening. People should expect enormous downloads of light frequencies and even stronger soul upgrades. It is said that manifesting will be instantaneous as you tap into this unlimited power. As this portal opens, you can access higher divine guidance, expanded consciousness and an incredible frequency. The number eleven is a sign of enormous power for both the mental and physical. The number welcomes new beginnings and the necessary changes that should be made in demanding situations. It is a time where you are expected to be the most intuitive and enlightened.

So what do you do to receive all of your manifestations? How can you truly manifest your dream life?

Take some time to speak and write as if you already have everything you desire. Be sure you write down your specific dreams. Do not hold back on these goals because the point is to speak life into a desired reality that does not exist yet, so it is perfectly normal to express dreams that seem impossible. If you can believe in the significance of numbers, you can trust that today opens a portal of infinite possibilities.


Write it down and make it plain. Allow yourself the space to have complete mental clarity to fully manifest during this time. If you desire more money, be specific and write the dollar amount and timeline in which you wish to receive. If you desire new relationships, be clear and definite on who that person is and what they bring to your life.


Even if you don’t typically believe in the power of numbers or manifestation, today might be the perfect day to try something new. Prepare those affirmations, get out your checkbooks, write in your journal, create a vision board and dream your newest reality today. Happy manifesting!


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