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Fans were today years old when they found out fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger, is a real human being. Stylist and judge HBO Max’s reality show, Legendary, Law Roach joined the TikTok “I’m busy” trend where users are calling their friends on FaceTime only to ask to call them right back. Justine Skye, Vinny from Jersey Shore and now Law Roach are amongst the celebrities joining in on the fun.

Roach calls a few of his friends like Tom Holland, Tiffany Haddish and Kerry Washington in the latest prank on TikTok, but fans are most enticed by his conversation with Hilfiger. Apparently, many people had no idea the designer was a real person. Law Roach’s TikTok video led to Gen-Z’ers fascination with the existence of Tommy Hilfiger as if he was only a figment of the imagination or some old guy that passed long ago.

While other generations are utterly confused as to how people are just finding this information about the designer.

Twitter is a platform of discovery and constantly bridging the gap between generations. It is also a wondrous place for misinformation to live, trends to exist and people hoping to grow overnight stardom based upon instant virality. We’re unsure if Gen Z is following the crowd of people saying they didn’t know Tommy Hilfiger was an actual person or if they truly had no idea. Either way it gave the timeline some mid-week laughter to get us through the rest of this week.

For those who genuinely didn’t know this man existed before today, Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is an American fashion designer and founder of Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. After starting his career by co-founding a chain of jeans and fashion stores called People’s Place in upstate New York in the 1970s, he began designing preppy clothing for his own eponymous menswear line in the 1980s. Thus, birthing the Tommy Hilfiger people know and love today.

Hilfiger was rumored to not want Black people in his clothing, and many of our parents urged us not to support the brand as a result. Some Twitter users have questions for the designer since his newfound fame from the viral TikTok video.

The more you know. Thanks for the laughs, Twitter!