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Selena: The Series

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix

Netflix’s Selena: The Series (Part 2) announces its release with a look inside the show. The teaser shows a performance of Selena at the height of her career with her bandmates and family.

Fans grew to love Selena in the Netflix series as we discover more about her life on and off the stage. Unlike the film, starring Jennifer Lopez, the series dives a bit deeper into her family’s life, her band and the difficulties Selena had to overcome to be accepted as one of the first Mexican American superstars to ever make it in music.

The second part of the series picks up  on Selena’s career as it begins to gain momentum, how she fights to remain true to herself, spending quality time with her family and expand her multiple businesses.

Critics of the show have their fair share of opinions on how the acclaimed artist is portrayed throughout the show, the cast and any other minute detail that naysayers find to dislike the series. The truth is: The show is good, and you will learn a lot about a life we lost too soon.

There was so much of her story left untold in the two hour 1997 film we grew up enjoying with family. We would sing the songs and learn Selena’s infamous dances like the washing machine. “You heard her sing. Now, you’ll hear her voice,” Netflix captioned the trailer on their YouTube channel.

Netflix provides a closer look inside her and her family’s life with Selena: The Series. The second part of the series will return May 4 to Netflix. Watch the date announcement/teaser below.