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Britney Spears has been below the radar lately and could it be because she is looking back to her old self and it seems the people who matter are taking notice.Bosses at MTV could be set to ask her to return to September’s Video Music Awards despite her disastrous performance just a year ago.

Whether it is due to inflated egos or merely a desire to fly on their own, virtually every band in history has seen its members record solo albums at some point in their collective career. A perfect example of such is veteran R&B group, 112. Last year, Daron Jones left the group to focus on […]

‘A Milli’ produced by Bangladesh (check out his Myspace page); I remember the first time that I heard the song (and it wasn’t on the radio) and I wondered when it was going to end, the repetition was nerve racking and I wondered, ‘Is this the way the song is really going to sound?’ Fortunately […]

Not embarrassed to admit that I ooh-la-la’ed one non-tech spec about the LG Shine, which LC expertly demonstrated: the fact that it makes an awesome mirror. But since I don’t need a new phone, I have found a way to make my iPhone do double-duty; the Echo mirrored iPhone case, just $13. It doesn’t look […]

Um yeah so I was flipping through the channels and I came across Cribs, I have not seen any of them lately so I figured I’d check it out. To my surprise I have heard that they have changed their rules, no more borrowing someone’s crib. So this leaves us to the rapper Huey that […]

The year, 1987 and Video Soul with host, Donnie Simpson premiered LL Cool J’s video.

It was reported that Shia LeBeouf was in a car accident.He totalled his car.Him and the person he was in the accident with were taken to the nearest hospital.After a thourogh exam they were ruled with no seriose injuries. I must say that Shia did make a mistake but doesn’t everyone.It would have turned out […]

Belly 2: Millionair Boyz, coming soon. This is an exclusive trailer and a rare interview with game discus…

Born into a life of crime G (The Game) has just spent 8 years in the pen. Now out on the streets he’s back to his old ways wondering if a con can ever really…

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