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Hollywood Confidential 10th Anniversary

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Last night, Hollywood Confidential partnered with META’s We The Culture to celebrte a decade of Black excellence. The event also paid homage to the living legend, Marla Gibbs through a conversation with several Black actresses and comedians literally and figuratively giving her, her flowers. Read more and check out photos from the electrifying event inside.

On Monday, October 16th, the Television Academy was ablaze with the dynamic celebration of Hollywood Confidential, which is a platform dedicated to empowering and educating creatives of color while offering intimate and enlightening one-on-one conversations with influential voices in the entertainment industry. The visionary space was formed by Steve Jones, who is a distinguished member of the Television Academy, with an extensive portfolio as a producer. His credits include noteworthy Executive Producer roles in Jennifer Lopez’s first Holiday visual and the Oprah Winfrey Network’s Wearable Art Gala Special, which featured Beyoncé’s first televised interview in six years. Steve also helmed three seasons of OWN’s ground-breaking docu-series, “BLACK LOVE.”

Over the past decade, the Hollywood Confidential series has honored luminaries such as Oscar winner Regina King, Angela Bassett, Tiffany Haddish, Issa Rae, Sterling K. Brown, and Snoop Dogg for their significant cultural contributions. Serving as a North Star for those aspiring to thrive in Hollywood, Hollywood Confidential stands as a beacon of inspiration.

Last night’s 10 Year Anniversary event celebrated the living legend Marla Gibbs. There was a pre-panel from We The Culture creator and visionary, Michelle Mitchell, alongside social media influencers Lala Milan and Amber Whittington. They shared gems about how Mitchell has advocated for them and continued to empower other Black creators to produce monetizable, high-quality content consistently. Mithcell even extended the resource to the event-goers in attendance with a special QR code to join the We The Culture community.

Jones shared cherished memories in another chat with the beloved Tabitha Brown, where he thanked her for her support over the years and congratulated her on the success that is here and still to come. Other memories Jones shared about the past decade included one with Bassett, who declared Hollywood Confidential as one of her most treasured events, Brown for her genuine support, and Rae, who significantly influenced the trajectory of the platform.

The spotlight then shifted to the evening’s guest of honor, the illustrious Gibbs. A powerhouse in the entertainment industry, Gibbs revealed her multifaceted talents, including singing the iconic theme song of “227” and her groundbreaking role as the first woman executive producer, who unfortunately did not receive the credit or the money.

Throughout her engaging fireside chat with Jones, the doorbell chimed a few times, unveiling surprise guests who came to pay tribute. Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell credited Gibbs for her pioneering influence.

“Here’s a little-known fact,” Campbell reminisced.  “Tichina and I both went out for the role of Brenda Jenkins on 227, and we lost the role to Regina! I was so heartbroken that I told my mom I wanted to quit the industry—because it was my lifelong dream to work with Marla. I’m so happy that years later, we got to have her on the Martin show and pay homage to the legendary Marla Gibbs.”

The stage transformed into a heartwarming reunion of beloved 90s stars, reflecting the enduring impact of Gibbs’ impactful legacy.

“The show Martin wouldn’t be what it was if it wasn’t for The Jeffersons,” Arnold added. “Martin and Pam were patterned after George Jefferson and Florence!”

Actress and comedian, Haddish also joined the stage to echo their sentiments about how brilliant and influential Gibbs has been on her successful career.

The evening was met with an unexpected performance as actress and songstress Amber Riley joined Marla to sing the iconic “227” theme song.

Before concluding the evening, Gibbs shared this insightful gem: “We’re all one. And we all need one another. There’s too much division in our world, and especially in our communities. We have to come together. We have to love one another. And we have to learn to forgive as well. These things are key to living a long and happy life.”

The night was a testament to the enduring legacy, unbridled excellence, and empowerment embodied by Marla Gibbs and the collective brilliance of Black actresses.

Happy 10 Years of Hollywood Confidential! To many, many more to come.

Check out photos from the evening below:

1. Living Legend, Marla Gibbs

Hollywood Confidential 10th Anniversary Source:Getty

2. The Pre-Panel Featuring Lala & Amber

Hollywood Confidential 10th Anniversary Source:Getty

3. Ms. Gibbs With Hollywood Confidential Creator Steve Jones

Hollywood Confidential 10th Anniversary Source:Getty

4. A Legendary “227” Moment

Hollywood Confidential 10th Anniversary Source:Getty

5. The Beloved Tabitha Brown

Hollywood Confidential 10th Anniversary Source:Getty

6. Giving The Icon Her Flowers

Hollywood Confidential 10th Anniversary Source:Getty

7. Tiffany Haddish Rang The Doorbell

Hollywood Confidential 10th Anniversary Source:Getty

8. Congrats, Steve & Hollywood Confidential!

Hollywood Confidential 10th Anniversary Source:Getty