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Jhené Aiko Performing at Manchester O2 Ritz

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Just last Friday, Jhené Aiko gifted fans with a new album — Chilombo. Full of the serene and enlightening vibes few artists can impart upon us, the 20-track project featured some of the most popular names in the game, including John Legend, H.E.R., Future, Jhené’s boo Big Sean, of course, and more.

Speaking of Big Sean, we all know he and the famed singer broke up for quite some time, which may have inspired a lot of Jhené’s new music, as it definitely gives off single girl energy (even though they are back together now). On one of my favorite songs, “Speak,” the Ladera Heights singer says ever so effortlessly:

“Woke up this mornin’, heart was beating out my chest
So excited… realizin’
That you aren’t here to judge me, no one to impress
I decided… that I liked it, yeah
I’m movin’ on, I’m puttin’ on my favorite dress
The one you hated, said I look naked in
F*ck your opinion ’bout it, I’m feelin’ my best
I won’t hide it, and besides that…”

It’s a beautiful project that we suggest you get in to now. Before dropping Chilombo, she hit Instagram to thank her team and say of her journey… “This is not a perfect, linear story… but rather a REAL story… about love, loss, anger, forgiveness, sorrow, freedom, and ALL the things life has to offer… with all of its ups and downs nothing’s perfect, but it’s all beautiful.” To celebrate Jhené’s journey and new album, we gathered 30 of her most beautiful Instagram moments. Congratulations, Jhené, we’re excited for what’s to come.














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