"Rock The SIMS" Online Launch Party

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Jennifer N. Freeman played the Kyle family’s eldest daughter, Claire, on My Wife And Kids back in the early ’00s. The middle child, we met Claire as a friendly pre-teen and watched her grow throughout high school. Over the course of four seasons (because remember Jazz Raycole played the part in season 1), Jennifer’s character became a clumsy, superficial, self-obsessed teenager that loved to dump all over her big brother Junior. Throughout her career, Jennifer also made appearances in You Got Served, 7th Heaven, The OC, One On One, and more. Most recently, I saw the actress advertising Nighttime Clear Aligners from SmileDirectClub. Get into some of her latest photos…


1. She’s gorgeous.

2. And has a daughter.

3. Look at that smile!

4. Jen loves to travel.

5. And sip tea.

6. And espresso.

7. She looks awesome in bell-bottoms

8. And loves ice cream.

9. And a good headshot.

10. And time with her beautiful daughter.

11. You got to love her!

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