More details of the intimate exchange between disgraced politician Anthony Weiner and his online lover, Sydney Leathers, reveal that he wasn’t just trying to have a virtual relationship. He was really trying to get it in. According to Sydney Leathers, the NYC mayoral candidate told her that he could secure a $5,000 a month condo […]

Things are just getting worse and worse for Anthony Weiner. The man that NYC currently loves to hate, after publicly sexting in a new scandal, is still going strong with his campaign despite all of the criticism. To add fuel to the fire, he recently got into a heated argument with a retired teacher voter […]

  Elliot Spitzer may not be the picture of perfection, especially after cheating on his wife with pricey prostitutes, but even he’s not impressed with Anthony Weiner! While campaigning for control of New York, former Governor Eliot Spitzer has been hitting the streets, kissing babies and visiting churches. His wife, Silda Wall, has not been […]

We couldn’t tell by the explicit text messages sent back and forth between Anthony Weiner and his online lover, but Sydney Leathers told Inside Edition in an exclusive interview that the disgraced politician “disgusts” her. “It makes me feel physically ill. I’ve barely been able to eat since all of this happened. I feel sick about […]

Bad news for those who don’t want outspoken City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to win the New York City mayoral race – because Anthony Weiner is outta there. Well, not exactly. But he has lost his lead in the race after revelations that he continued to send lewd messages and photographs of his private areas […]

Anthony Weiner‘s weiner is making national headlines once again, because he’s still sexting.  Right in the middle of his mayoral campaign for New York, new allegations came out that Weiner’s still sending naughty sex messages to women who are not his wife.  While some people are outraged at Weiner’s lack of morals, dedication and respect […]

Not that we need NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner to reveal any more of himself…but just in case you’re into that kind of thing…here they are… “Carlos Danger’s“ official dick pics. first broke the news that Weiner was still sending raunchy photos of himself after he resigned from Congress for the same thing. They […]

We knew the blame game was coming. A friend of Sydney Leathers, Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner’s sexting partner, says that the 23-year-old knew exactly what she was doing during her online relationship with the New York City mayoral candidate and that she might have even targeted him. “She knew exactly what she was doing when […]

Because the way Anthony Weiner’s penis just popped up on our Twitter timelines today was just down right rude as hell.  We have no place for Carlos Danger’s weiner on the web, and no need to have the mayoral candidate’s man parts all up in our faces while we drink our morning coffee and surf […]

To be the wife of a politician is clearly to have the capacity and will to forgive, even when your husband is being a total wiener. Huma Abedin pulled a Hillary Clinton, a la Monica Lewinsky scandal, and publicly supported her husband, New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, after new revelations that he had engaged […]

It hasn’t been the best week in the world for New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.   Yesterday, news came out that more lewd pictures and texts of Weiner (what a name) sexting some chick hit the Internet. One of the more interesting and funny details is the alias Antony Weiner was using while […]

It’s a story as old as time itself…man cheats on woman, woman stays. But when you’re in a high-profile relationship, or married to a powerful politician, the scrutiny and embarrassment can be 10 times as crushing. And though it may still surprise us, the women married to these dirty-dog politicians usually stay. Whether it’s for […]