Black Twitter

Michael Jordan has finally revealed his true feelings about the internet sensation known as the Michael Jordan crying face meme.

Needless to say, a serious night turned hilarious in just seconds thanks to Twitter.


A woman shattered her chances at advancing her career at a health company after she tweeted about discovering her "inner ni**er" at a cotton field.

Elle Canada became the latest magazine to culturally appropriate Black fashion, when it called Dashikis the new it-item.

The case of Rachel Dolezal is so bizarre that we’re left speechless. Keri Hilson, on the other hand, is not. On Friday afternoon, the singer tweeted out her support for Dolezal, leaving fans confused and disgruntled. Unless your living under a rock you know that Rachel Dolezal is the president of her local NAACP chapter […]

TJ Maxx has been forced to pull a t-shirt from its racks that evokes lynching. Tavik, a beachwear and accessory brand, produced the shirt in an attempt to reference the casual surfer term “Hang Loose.” But they quickly learned that casual racism is never OK, finding themselves in hot water after a photo of the […]

When keeping it real goes wrong, you end up driving about an hour to fight a stranger because he thinks Kobe Bryant is washed. Two Twitter users got into some beef on Christmas Day over the question, “Are the Lakers better without Kobe Bryant?” Black Sports Online reports: @SnottieDippen (on the left) & @MyTweetsRealAF (on […]

Earlier this week, TIME Magazine announced its Person of the Year award. The honor went to the Ebola caregivers, followed by the Ferguson protesters. Fine picks. Here would have been an interesting pick, though: Black Twitter, because it was another stellar year for the Twitter movement. Why is Black Twitter so great? For a number of different reasons. […]