Following comments made by a juror in the Michael Dunn murder trial who insisted the shooting death of Jordan Davis was not racial, Jordan’s mother, Lucia McBath, is speaking up. During an interview with Melissa Harris-Perry on Sunday, McBath said the role of race “cannot be denied.” “We know that race is an element of […]

Another juror has spoken out about the mistrial of Michael Dunn, insisting that race was never a factor in the case. According to CNN, Juror No. 8, Creshuna Miles, had a lot to say following the Jordan Davis case. Last week, Dunn was tried on counts of attempted murder in the shooting death of Jordan Davis. Jurors […]

Prosecutors will retry Michael Dunn for the first-degree murder of Jordan Davis in May. Assistant State Attorney John Guy gave his first interview since a jury deadlocked on the murder charge against Dunn. “Did Michael Dunn get away with murder? “Not yet,” said Guy. After Juror 4 recently broke her silence on what went on […]

On Saturday, Ta-Nehisi Coates, a national correspondent at The Atlantic, articulated the sentiments of black mothers and fathers everywhere who live in an America where unarmed black teens can lawfully be killed because of the sheer fear their person evokes. In a beautifully written, but disheartening op-ed, Coates wrote his response to the Michael Dunn verdict, which ended […]

On Wednesday morning, Jordan Davis‘ parents sat down with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts to discuss the Michael Dunn murder verdict and the next step in obtaining justice for the killing of their son. Lucia McBath and Ron Davis, accompanied by their lawyer John Phillips, revealed what they thought of the jury’s decision to convict […]

In the week following Michael Dunn’s trial, a juror who convicted him on three counts of attempted murder is finally speaking out about the main murder charge that resulted in a hung jury. Valerie, or Juror 4, told ABC’s Nightline that she believes Dunn was guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Jordan Davis. […]

With the ongoing advancement of the New Jim Crow, double unemployment rates, and struggling communities, this potential four-of-a-kind may force us to bet on Black America with house money for social change. Yes: Michael Dunn is going to jail, likely for the rest of his life. Despite that, he received the same fate that George […]

Days after Michael Dunn was found guilty on three counts of attempted murder, one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle and a mistrial declared for the first-degree murder count, his shocking proclamation regarding his case has been revealed. In newly released jail house phone calls, Dunn tells fiancée Rhonda Rouer that he was both […]

Rebecca Dunn, the daughter of Michael Dunn, is the very first member of his family to speak out after his trial, in connection to the death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, has ended. Dunn was found guilty on four of five counts, including the attempted murder of the three other boys in the car with Davis and the […]


Jordan Davis’ Birthday Presents Jordan Davis should have turned 19 on Sunday.  He should have been waking up to a kiss from his mother and the promise of cake and candles after dinner.  He should have been anticipating the possibility of gifts from his friends, his girlfriend and his parents. Instead he is gone, but […]

After 31 hours of deliberation, a mistrial has been declared in the murder trial of Jordan Davis.

It’s been a very tough week for Jordan Davis‘ family as the trial of the 17-year-old’s killer, Michael Dunn, is currently in progress. Yesterday was the jury’s third day of deliberation in regard to a verdict, and the family is remaining positive in the meantime. They recently said during a press conference to First Coast News: […]