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Yesterday in Katmandu, Nepal, Chandra Bahadur Dangi became the world’s shortest individual ever recorded! The 72-year-old man, who is close to the size of a toddler, stands at a mere 21.5 inches tall (54.6 centimeters). Dangi received two certificates: one for being the world’s shortest living man and one for being the world’s shortest person […]

The 23-year-old model and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs has added more relief to her fans and loved ones when she was spotted leaving a gym in Dallas, wearing her infamous Dallas Cowboys baseball cap and a jacket covering her lost arm. Lauren lost her arm and eye back in December in Richmond of Frisco, Texas […]

Owner of management company Czar Entertainment, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, may be charged by the feds in connection with a murder committed in 2009. According to the NY Post Jimmy’s connections comes from an incident in 2009 in which he ordered two of his associates to gun down a man who was accused of assaulting […]

  And the dad of the year award goes to….Don Cesar. Why you might ask, because he has given his son the greatest gift of all, the chance to lose his virginity. The Nicaraguan father took Juan to a local brothel in search of a prostitute for his son’s first time. STORY: IDIOT! Dude Yells […]

Zach Avery is a 5-year-old boy living as a girl in the youngest case of gender identity disorder. STORY: What In The?!? British Man Gives Birth To Baby Boy! Rocking blonde pigtails and a purple tutu, Zach has been living as a girl for more than a year, after he first refused to live as […]

  Things turned deadly when a federal immigration agent shot and seriously wounded a fellow co-worker during a Thursday evening confrontation. STORY: HOLY JEEZ! Texas Mom Shoots Own Two Kids After Being Denied Food Stamps The gunman was shot dead after another agent pulled his weapon and shot him to death inside a Southern California […]

A triple bypass burger from the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas landed an unidentified 40-something-year-old man in the hospital over the weekend, trigging the diner to suffer massive chest pains. STORY: What In The?!? Heart Attack Grill Restaurant Gives Man Heart Attack  The 6,000 calorie Triple Bypass Burger contains three meat patties, 12 slices […]

Can you say ironic? An unidentified Las Vegas man ate at the world famous Heart Attack Grill and suffered well, a heart attack. STORY: Ooops! Dad Pops In Porn Instead Of Smurfs At Kids Party  An onlooker captured video of paramedics wheeling the man, thought to be in his 40s, out of the fast-food diner. […]

  19-year old Gary L. Holmes was arrested over the weekend for allegedly burglarizing and raping a woman in Coral Springs, Florida. STORY: Greg Kelly NOT Charged With Rape And Returns To Good Day! According to CBS, the 25-year old victim, whose name remains unidentified, left the sliding glass door of her home open when […]

How can people be so cruel? A 15-year-old Madison, Wisconsin girl, whose name remains unidentified, was found on February 6th by a passerby as she walked down the street barefoot in her pajamas with a bleeding gash over her nose. STORY: So Sad! Werewolf Sisters Of India Face Taunts Over Rare Condition According to the […]

Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has many people wondering just why he is still holding on. Gingrich only managed to grab 6 percent of votes in the Minnesota caucuses and only 15.9 percent of votes nationally according to Real Clear Politics. STORY: Talk That Ish! Newt Gingrich’s Craziest Quotes! Now comes a video that shines […]

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed while vacationing on the Caribbean island of Nevis last week by a machete-wielding intruder. STORY: Supreme Court: Cops Need Warrant Before Tracking Suspects With GPS! Breyer, 73-year-old, wife Joanna and guests were confronted by the robber around 9 PM EST Thursday in the home Breyer owns on the […]