After teasing season two back in September, Netflix has released the first official trailer for the popular series.

If you think getting trapped in an elevator is terrifying, imagine the steps of an escalator collapsing beneath you, swallowing you into the underworld. That’s what happened to one commuter in Turkey, only less dramatic…but, only by a little bit. Back in February at the Ayazaga Metro in Instanbul, folks were going down escalators when […]

Folks who’ve never experienced the gun wrenching, uncontrollable feelings of being super anxious, or having a panic attack, would never know what it’s like to feel that type of extreme uneasiness. Maybe seeing an unrelated video that is super relatable will help those people get it. Or maybe not, but it’s worth a shot. To […]

This “head ripping” prank is leaving everyone traumatized. Could you imagine witnessing someone getting their head ripped off their body right in front of you? If you’re not sure how you would react, check out the reactions of some of these guys in this video. They’re both hilarious and understandable.  

Nickelodeon brought major scares with their show Are You Afraid of the Dark? back in the 90s. Well now, the cult favorite is getting a movie makeover. The show revolved around a group of kids called the Midnight Society, who regularly met up in the woods to tell scary stories (kids had guts back in the […]

Pharrell Williams and rising powerhouse Tracy Oliver have had some major successes with Pharrell producing the acclaimed Hidden Figures, and Oliver co-writing the hit Girls Trip. Now the two are teaming up for a horror flick based on the book Survive the Night.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros will be behind the movie with […]

#YeezyTaughtHer. As it turns out, North West is not here for any of your mess. A pic of the toddler muggin’ like her daddy made the rounds on the Internet this past week as she and her grandmama Kris Jenner were photographed leaving the airport. Just like Kanye, Nori was not at all happy about […]

An Australian skydiving instructor is being hailed a hero after saving one of his students who had a seizure while free-falling. According to BuzzFeed, 22-year-old Christopher Jones was taking part in a skydiving class when the scary incident occurred. In the video above, Jones is fully awake after jumping out of the plane at 12,000 feet. […]

A three-year-old boy is lucky to be alive thanks to quick thinking by his family members and pedestrians during a huge fire. According to WPTV, four families were left homeless on Christmas Day after a kitchen fire spread throughout an apartment complex in Birmingham, Alabama. Resident Kerry Jackson persuaded the child to jump into his […]

Kylie Jenner and Tyga aren’t doing much to prevent these dating rumors from simmering. The two, rumored to be hip-pop’s new it couple after Tyga’s breakup with Blac Chyna, spent another night out together last night in L.A., where they had some fun in Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Although they were joined by friends, […]