Social media has given celebrities the unique opportunity to connect with a huge amount of their fans all in one place. Most celebs have chosen to utilize their Twitter and Instagram accounts in order to promote their latest projects, or to share their latest filter-free selfie. But did you know that a lot of celebs […]

It’s a Carter family vacation, y’all! Beyonce’s most recent tumblr dump brings fans along on a family vacation in the Dominican Republic and promises to make you forget the Polar Vortex, if only for a moment. Bey shared a few family photos, some sexy selfies and even just a few shots of the local scenery […]

You know it's a good day when you get new Blue Ivy pics to check out...

Sad news for the girls who spent all of last year depriving themselves of food to get that much-desired thigh gap Tumblr told you was needed; that is so 2013. The bikini bridge is all the rage in 2014. “What’s a bikini bridge,” you ask? A bikini bridge is when a woman is so skinny her […]

Momma Bey shared a special collage to celebrate her baby girl's birthday...

The Instagram photo of the scenery doesn’t count unless you can prove you were there, right? So how else to do that than you know, take a P.O.V shot that includes your legs? Well, beware of those instagram uploads because Hot-Dog Legs is out on the prowl. The hilarious new tumblr page has garnered the […]