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As many of you know, Howard University Homecoming is the best homecoming on the planet, and there are so many reasons why (21 reasons actually).

But one staple that contributes immensely to Howard’s homecoming legacy is BE LLC’s  and The Gifted Life’s #1000Bottles party. Yes, the party really has one thousand bottles in the building, and yes, it’s insane.

Actors like Lance Gross and Terrance J are always in attendance, but this year, it’s Diddy’s time to turn up with his fellow Howard alum, which is why the event is co-sponsored by Ciroc vodka, along with Heineken and Crown Royal.

All the action is set to go down on Friday, October 25 at The Howard Theatre at 10 p.m. and will be hosted by Will Worley.

If you can’t make Howard University’s #1000Bottles experience, make sure you check out BE LLC, because they’re the premium source of business, entertainment, and lifestyle news for urban influencers in a progressively digital marketplace.

So if you’re up for a challenge Diddy, these are the 12 reasons why YOU should come to #1000Bottles.

1. It’s co-sponsored by Ciroc.

2. It’s the Hottest Howard Homecoming Party.

3. Unlike this guy (who we love)…Diddy is actually a Howard Alum.

4. It’s the perfect place to find talent for Revolt TV.

5. And the perfect party to find a nice intelligent young lady for Justin and Quincy.

6. Oh, and there’s ample space for Diddy to dance….all over the place….

Like this…



And This…

BUT if Diddy doesn’t feel like partying…it’s cool…he can just sip Ciroc and be the boss. 

7. #1000Bottles Is The Adult Black Version Of Project X.

8. And THIS is bound to happen….

9.  There’s going to be so many sparklers on those Ciroc bottles…

….It’s going to look like 4th of July in that motherf*cker.

So many sparklers that Diddy is going to be like….

10. Oh, and there’s definitely going to be A LOT of multitasking.

11. The party goes down until the break of dawn…and Diddy can party until the sun comes up. 

12.  And if Diddy feels like being the Forbes Cash King that he is…he can make it rain…

…For everyone who owes Sallie Mae.

Basically, if Diddy comes to #1000Bottles, he’ll be leaving the party like this…