The Daily Grind Video

It’s Tuesday.

Tuesdays are historically known to be the second-worst thing after Mondays (still so far from the weekend, it’s not Friday, etc). While you’re probably wallowing in the uneventfulness that is Tuesday, the wonderful world wide web can certainly turn that around.

Scroll down below for some videos and photos to get you through your boring Tuesday.

1. The guys of Dormtainment are probably one of the funniest troupes on YouTube right now. This semi-realistic take on living in a living room further proves that.

2. There’s apparently a “Fed Up Knicks Fans” protest and it’s kind of hilarious how serious it’s being taken.

3. This Vine raises a number of questions, but mainly: “How can I go to that school?”

4. There’s a video of a guy barfing after his opponent let one loose in his face during a jiu jitsu match. Who knew something could be so disgusting and down-right funny at the same time?

5. This might be one of the most adorable/random things you’ll see all day.

6. That’s a good friend right there.

7. This video of strangers making out has been making rounds around the internet and it can either make you feel one of two ways: creeped out or oddly hopeful. But probably just really awkward. Don’t feel too awkward since the video is part of an ad campaign.

8. Prime minister or neo-Dada artist?

9. Also, there’s an entire tumblr dedicated to shows remixed with Diddy

10. And the cutest thing you will see on the internet today is this kid. Can someone give him a damn cupcake already?!

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Tumblr