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Harvard University was evacuated again yesterday for bomb threats, after a man called claiming that he placed explosives in several buildings around campus. The university was given the “all clear” when police did not find anything of concern. Later, an anonymous user on Twitter claimed to have been responsible for the threat, making fun of those who believed his hoax. The user has not yet been identitfied. [WCVB]

The lawyer representing the paparazzi who recently claimed Justin Bieber ordered his entourage to beat him up is now citing drugs and alcohol as the reason behind the alleged attack. The lawyer has plans to call in Lil Za, Lil Twist, Khaliland Scooter Braun for testimonials. This isn’t the first time Justin has had trouble with the paparazzi… and somehow, we don’t think any of his friends will say anything to get the Biebs in trouble. [TMZ]

A new report shows the National Security Agency monitored the average web-users activity up to nine times as much as legally targeted foreign internet accounts. The NSA collected names and email addresses of U.S. citizens and residents, and the Washington Post found nearly 900 email addresses strongly linked to citizens. The Post was able to  review about 160,000 intercepted e-mail and instant-message conversations and 7,900 documents taken from more than 11,000 online accounts. When will our Internet usage stop being messed with? [Daily Mail]

Land of the free? A man who allegedly killed his wife by spiking her Kool-Aid with chemicals escaped from jail while watching fireworks this weekend. Jason McClurg broke free from Shanon County jail in Missouri, where investigations are currently underway to determine where he was headed and whether or not he was shackled at the time. His preliminary hearing for his wife’s death was set to be August 7. [Colorado Newsday


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