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Victoria Monét Performs At History

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Singer and songwriter Victoria Monét used her platform to spread awareness about the genocides happening around the world. A TikTok user posted a clip from her tour performance yesterday (Nov. 19). Check out the viral clip inside.

The seven-time Grammy nominated artist shared a few words of encouragement to fans at her recent show. Victoria Monét has been vocal about her disdain for the senseless murders and hatred happening in Palestine and Israel. She tweeted about the violence in Israel and Palestine back in October.

In a since deleted tweet, she posted about “picking sides,” and later corrected herself to improve the statement and messaging surrounding the extremely sensitive topic.

The updated tweet reads: “I deleted this because saying “picking sides” was a mistake. What I meant by it was that I care about the innocent children and families being harmed by all of this no matter their religion or location, but now understand that it didn’t read that way and I’m not afraid to say it. I have to be careful with my words. I’m so sorry. To be clear I do NOT stand on the side of oppression. I do NOT support genocide and ethnic cleansing in any way you have to know this!! I have been learning so much in real time that I never knew and my only intention is to help!! I’m always open to corrections, notes, and insight as I educate myself. I know that ultimately our goal is the same. It’s a ceasefire! It’s immediate aid to those who need it! It’s an end to war crimes on civilians. It is a FREE Palestine! With love 🙏🏾”

Check out the thread below:

Monét courageously stands on business, using her platform to be a voice for the voiceless.

In the viral clip posted by TikTok user @lovekeepsyoualive, Victoria begins with some motivation for her fans.

She says, “Stop worrying about what everybody else thinks. Big up yourself.”

As the audience cheers, Monét continues with a demand for people to wake up and use their voices as well.

“Stop turning a blind eye to the genocide and the hate in this world,” she added with a roaring round of applause. “Use your voice.”

Since the violence erupted in Israel and Palestine, many American celebrities have remained silent or chose to side with Israel. Those who have decided to post comments about freeing Palestine have been ostracized and even removed from their labels, so Victoria taking a stance during such troubling times is brave and audacious.

Keep using your voice, Ms. Monét!

Check out the viral clip below: