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This story made us smile. YouTube prankster Magic of Rahat, who has a reputation for freaking out unsuspecting victims, stepped away from the madness for a moment and did a great thing recently. After hearing a Newport News, VA homeless man named Eric was a “nice and respectable” guy, he gave him a “winning” lottery […]

It’s tax season and Uncle Sam isn’t too happy with Lil Wayne at the moment. According to TMZ, the Louisiana rapper failed to pay taxes for 2011 and 2012, which amount to over $12 million. And if things aren’t resolved quickly, the IRS may seize Weezy’s luxurious Florida mansion, listed at $11.6 million in 2011. For […]

Don’t you, for one second, front like you weren’t absolutely enthralled when Paris Hilton dropped “Stars Are Blind” and “Fighting Over Me” featuring Jadakiss. You wanted to hate these songs so badly – but you were wrangled in. Then, after an oversaturation of the pretty blonde and her little chihuahua, Paris Hilton slipped away for a while, […]

This isn’t half bad. It’s no secret Paris Hilton‘s record deal with Cash Money is probably one of the oddest things in the universe, but her new single “Good Time” actually sounds…good. Thankfully, there’s no creepy sounds of Lil Wayne giggling in the background or Birdman doing “bird call” adlibs, it’s just good ol’ Paris doing […]

  Rich Gang. That’s the name of the Cash Money/Young Money compilation album that was released this week. It’s an interesting album, to say the least. Of course the typical Cash Money and Young Money rappers are featured on it: from the superstars (Lil Wayne, Birdman and Nicki Minaj) to the not so super stars […]

The shopping experience is getting a total recall, as major retailers all over the country pull bulky cash registers from their sales floors and replace them with sleek iPads and iPod Touches. What does this mean for shoppers? Quicker checkouts and thinner wallets, since the exchange of cash is being completely eliminated from the process. […]

It looks like Cash Money Records is going to have to cough up some of their funds! The hip hop label is currently being sued by a producer from the 1970’s who was part of the band The Persuaders, over a Bow Wow track that samples one of their songs. PHOTOS: Birdman Attends Grammys With Cash […]

Are we all going to be trading in our Benjamins for the Chinese yuan soon? Talks about a global currency have been in the works for years, but recent talks about China’s aggressive plans to globalize their currency, the RMB (renminbi), or yuan, have international companies taking another look.  According to Business Without Borders, China […]

Former Cash Money rapper Killa Stone (real name Alvin Nelson), who was one half of the duo D-Boyz, died of natural causes in Louisiana state prison on Tuesday. PHOTOS: We Pray! Rapper Yung Teddy Shot Dead!  Although he never achieved mainstream success, Stone appeared on numerous Cash Money projects including Lil Wayne’s 500 Degreez and the […]

Cash Money Records is one of the most diverse record companies in the game. They have a hand in everything from rap to rock to R&B.  And one of the most promising new acts they signed was none other than American Idol finalist Chris Richardson.  EXCLUSIVE Meet Cash Money’s NY Times Best Selling Dynamic Duo Ashley & JaQuavis […]

After his new record was pushed back countless times, the rapper formerly known as Lil Bow Wow is pissed! The former child star took to Twitter last night to air out his frustrations with his Cash Money label.  Bow Wow’s Baby Girl Is Stuntin’ Like Her Daddy  Bow Wow tweeted: Doing everything on my own. […]

Thirty-seven books at the age of 26? Seems impossible. However, NY Times Best Selling authors Ashley and JaQuavis have reached that milestone with the release of their 37th book, Murderville 2: The Epidemic, the second installment in the Murderville series. The married couple, who have been writing since they were teenagers, recently signed a publishing deal […]