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The Jersey Shore cast was rumored to have been on strike due to salary negotiations for a third season. Each cast member received $5,000 an episode for the first season and were then bumped up to $10,000 an episode for the second season and believe it or not, these lucky average Joes-turned superstars have now […]


GG blogger and our favorite reality star, JWoWW aka Jenni Farley is gracing Maxim Magazine. She sexed it up for the shoot in a variety of bikinis by the pool. Check out an excerpt from her interview with Maxim: -Which boasts a better grade of guidos, Long Island or the Jersey Shore?-The Long Island ones […]

Sources are saying that MTV may possibly take the Jersey Shore contract matter to court. Details are that the group was suppose to return the answers on what they wanted in a new deal to MTV last Friday, but NO ONE made any type of contact with the producers, nor MTV. Keep in mind as […]

Seems like the rest of the Jersey Shore dudes, and ladies are not really happy with the money MTV is handing them for the new shooting going on for season 3. Yeah, the cast want NEW CONTRACTS even before season 2 of Jersey Shore in Miami airs July 29th. At this moment this is what […]

Hi Global Grind! It’s @JENNIJWOWW again! I was born in upstate New York, in Saratoga, which is just outside of Albany, and I currently live in Long Island. At the end of the day, I’m still the exact same person that I was last year. I’m a sweats-and-a-t-shirt kind of girl. That’s me. Before, I […]

Snooki, one of our favorite Jersey Shore residents, has pulled a Rihanna and dyed her hair red on us. The self-proclaimed inventor of the “pouf” showed off her new look at the Jersey Shore soundtrack release party held at NYC’s Marquee. She posed for a bunch of photos with castmates, The Situation, Pauly D, and […]

Hi GlobalGrind: It’s @JENNIWOWW! After the premiere of Jersey Shore, a lot of fans were writing emails and posting on Facebook that they loved my shirts and my jeans that I wore, and asking how could they purchase them. I designed all of my clothes during the first season. I would buy people’s things and alter them […]

The cast of the Jersey Shore has been living it up for the past month down in Miami. We’ve seen them work out, flirt, get drunk, lay on the beach and now we have the honor of seeing two of the castmembers make out. Yes, Snooki and JWoww really do love each other. The two […]

The lovely and stylish ladies of “Jersey Shore”  had their bikinis out for all the see. The Jersey juggernauts hit the beach in their bikinis in Miami, Florida yesterday. Jolie, JWoWW and Snooki enjoy some sun and sand while vegging out under the hot Miami sun. So what’s in store of the gals? A lil […]

It seems that Spencer Pratt has taken to twitter to hate on a bunch of different celebrities. Looks like he has gone back to his old ways, too bad that whole spiritual lifestyle didn’t last too long. Via twitter he talks shit on Audrina, Ke$ha, Jwoww, Lauren Conrad, Kate Hudson and Snooki. He also makes […]


You ever think about how life would be if your favorite cast member from ‘The Jersey Shore’ were players in the NBA ALL STAR game? Who would you put together? Mike ‘The Siuation’ as Dirk Nowitski? Angelina as Paul Pierce? Check out how I put it all together: Mike ‘The Situation’ as Rajan Rondo: Rajan […]

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